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When you use the moveasia platform, you may be asked to supply information that we can use to contact you. Rest assured that we respect your privacy and that any personal information we request of you will only be shared with your explicit consent.

Here are some important things to note about our privacy policy:
- You do not need to provide your personal information to use the platform. However, you may be restricted from taking part in certain actions on the platform, or from receiving updates from us from time to time.
- When you do supply your personal information, we require that you supply your real name. This is to ensure the integrity of certain actions and campaigns, and so it is easy for us to communicate with you. We will ensure that any private information we hold about you, including your full name, is encrypted and only accessed with your permission.
- If you share our content on social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter, or use your accounts on these networks to logon to our platform, we may ask you to access certain information from your social media profile, but this will always be done in accordance with the privacy policies of these sites, services and platforms.
- You will always have a quick and easy way to revoke your permissions for us to access your information, should you wish to do so.
- We use certain tracking technologies to prevent site abuse, ensure optimum performance, and measure user engagement. This may involve "cookies" on your computer or device. Your personal information is not identifiable from these tracking measures, unless you are logged in to the platform and have given us permission.
- From time to time, we may supply aggregated, anonymised data concerning platform engagement to third parties, such as partners or analysts. We will never supply your personal details to third parties, and will always seek to minimise the amount of data we share with third parties.

Moveasia as a platform, as time goes on, will provide ways or you to take action on issues. This may include, but is not limited to, providing a petition platform, or other technology-driven engagement channels. When we provide these services, we will update our Terms and Privacy Policy, and notify platform users of such updates. We will always hold a position where we will collect the least amount of data possible to enable our operations, and remain committed to keeping personal data encrypted, anonymised and not accessble to third parties.

For any questions or concerns about Moveasia's privacy statement, and how our privacy policy will evolve, please contact us at …

When you use the moveasia platform, we expect you to follow certain rules on the use of this site.

1. Content published on moveasia is either our property or the property of those who have allowed us to republish content. This will be clearly marked on our site. Please respect this. If you would like to use content on the site, please contact us at ….. We will get back to you in a timely manner.
2. If you want us to publish your content, we need a few things from you. Specifically, we need to ensure that it's okay for us to publish your content.
3. You will not steal or otherwise inappropriately use content of others (or our content). In this sense, stealing refers to copying or adapting work without listing the source of your content or information.
4. If you submit content to us, please make sure that it is work safe and legal, both in your jurisdiction and under Australian law, as the moveasia platform operates under Australian jurisdiction.
5. Respect others online. We welcome people of all backgrounds to engage with our content, submit content to us, and take part in our campaigns and actions. We will always ensure that the moveasia platform is a safe place for everyone, regardless of race, creed, colour, or sexual orientation. Harassing others or posting illegal or unsafe content will not be tolerated. This applies on our platform, and on any other service we use to market our content and actionsm such as Facebook or Twitter.
6. Reading or using our platform means you accept these terms and conditions. From time to time, we will change these terms and conditions. We will update users of our platform when we do, either through a notice on the homepage or through email communication, or another appropriate method.

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