About MoveAsia

MoveAsia is a community of people who believe in the potential of the Asia-Pacific. A movement for those who want to build a better future for all. We believe that the world can end poverty, solve the climate crisis, address inequality and create opportunity for all.

We take inspiration from grassroots movements, inspiring organisations and engaged global citizens around the Asia-Pacific. We are passionate about a fairer, more human, and more sustainable Asia-Pacific, and support those who share our vision and passion.

We exist because the Global Goals exist. A set of 17 goals, agreed to by the world's leaders in 2015, that set out an ambitious agenda to improve the lives of every single person on the planet by 2030. They aim to end poverty, address the climate crisis, and improve the quality of life for everyone, everywhere.

In particular, we focus on poverty, health and water, inequality, the climate crisis, biodiversity and the impact of plastics, and active citizenship across Asia.

What We Do
MoveAsia is building Asia's social action platform - a place where people can use their collective voice to help shape the future they want.

Through our platform, we encourage you to learn more and take action on a range of issues related to the Global Goals and building a fairer Asia-Pacific.

We're launching fully in 2020 - in the meantime, you can follow our progress here, or on our socials - just search Move Asia on your favourite social network or messaging app, and you'll find us.

MoveAsia is being established by a small team spread across Australia, Singapore and the Philippines.

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